"What a day!"


You have probably been wondering why I did not write you yesterday.


Well, let me tell you what a day I had! 


To begin with, I had to send Mummy home in the morning. Of course, my Mum is always beautiful, and I will marry her when I grow up, but yesterday morning she looked a little less beautiful than usual. It turns out she got sick over night and was running a fever. You all know how busy I am already just keeping the hospital staff organized, so there was no way I could look after Mummy. (I also did not want to catch the stomach bug she has - I like it here, but not enough to want to stay any longer than I have to!)


With Mummy gone I decided that I deserved a relaxing day. So after getting the nurses to feed and change me and after suffering through the inhalations (one area in which I hate to admit my management skills are failing me - they keep doing it although I tell them it is not necessary!!!), I took a long nap.


And see, by the time I woke up in the evening Daddy was here. How cool is that! So I immediately got Daddy to feed me and then we talked how our days at work had been. Below you see me listening to Daddy's story about this place called SAP - I don't think I want to work there when I grow up! After giving Daddy my expert opinion I got to sleep on his chest (much better than on Mummy's chest, which is way too bumpy)


After all this excitement I slept well and only woke up at 7 am this morning. Daddy is back here now, so I got to go.


Lots of love

Pablo Rafael


"I wanna go home - let me go home."


Mummy sang this song to me last week, and I absolutely know how that guy feels! 


Not sure what Paris and Rome are like, but after a week back in the hospital it was growing pretty old.


So I spent all day Monday convincing the doctors that they should let me go home and guess what - I got to go home yesterday!!! There is nothing that works as well as producing lots of yucky colored mucus and sounding like and old steam train about to give up to convince the doctors that you are better!!


But first things first: Sunday was Daddy day again. I have got the best dad in the world! While Mummy makes me inhale, Daddy plays pilot with me!! We are at 40,000 feet, and the plane has depressurized - so I (the pilot) have to put on my oxygen mask and save the plane and all the people on board! Of course, I manage to do that every time! 


After all that excitement, I got to cuddle with Daddy and sleep on his chest. Unfortunately, Sunday was over much too quick, and Daddy had to go home. That convinced me even more that it was also time for me to go.


So Monday morning I put on a real show for the docs. By the time Mummy arrived at noon, it was a done deal. Mummy could not quite believe it - I did not tell her of my plan, and she just thought I sounded so much worse than before! Just shows you that she does not understand doctors. (She just has not spent as much time in the hospital as I have!) Finally, the doctors had to come and explain to her that all the noises are a good sign since they show that finally the mucus is loosening and coming out. They also told her that I would probably still sound like that for 1-2 weeks until the infection is completely gone.


With Mummy reassured, the rest of Monday was spent with me instructing Mummy how to pack up all our stuff.  You would not believe how much stuff Mummy has dragged to the hospital: clothes, bottles, sterilizer, blankets, pillows, books...


After all that work, I was too exhausted to write you, plus I still had to say goodbye to all the nurses.


Yesterday Mummy then came to pick me up. Since I had heard Mummy tell Daddy how expensive the hospital stays are, I made sure that we got to take some extra stuff home: 

To begin with, I picked up a new Virus. It's called "Noro." I don't know what a virus is, but everybody was very excited that I had picked it up and to celebrate put on special clothes and funny masks! 

So it must be real special. Supposedly it makes your tummy feel different, but I have not noticed anything. Mummy says that she probably also took Noro home last Friday. But she tells me that we need to keep it for us and not share it with anybody else - not even Daddy!


But that's not all: Because I was bringing Noro home we also got to take all kinds of things from the hospital room that I stayed it: Diapers, Medicine, Creams - pretty cool, huh?


By the time we got home, my Auntie Jola was there. Of course, she is not my real Auntie - but she comes three days a week so that I have a bit of variety and can hone my management skills. After all, any old baby can boss around mum and dad! I got Jola to carry me around for the rest of the afternoon and tell me everything that has happened while I was away - satisfied with my days work I went to sleep at 9 pm and except for a short midnight snack slept all the way until this morning.


So here I am - still relaxing in the big bed with Mummy and Daddy. But got to go: Jola is coming again this morning, and I want to look sharp by the time she arrives.


Lots of love

Pablo Rafael



What am I doing here...




Yes, you guessed it - after not even six days at home, I am back in the hospital.





Being a regular here does have its perks:


Several other people had to move so I could get my old room again.


And while Hollywood actors get a star on Hollywood Blvd, the doctors and nurses suggested that they will now name this room after me.


Still - I'd rather be home! After all, Hollywood actors also don't end up sleeping in front of the Chinese Theater just because they have got a star there.


But Mummy says for now I have to stay. It seems that b____ Pneumonia is back, even though we have no idea how she managed to slip by security this time.


Got to go - the doctors want to see me now


Lots of love

Pablo Rafael



Not my idea of a holiday!!!


As most of you might know, Mum and Dad took me to Mallorca for a holiday. 


Well, technically I guess it was not a holiday since they were following the advice of my doctors to take me someplace "warm and humid" to help get rid of the mucus stuff in my lungs. And the drive down to Barcelona and the 8-hour ferry ride surely did not feel like a holiday either. I had to put on a fever to show Mum and Dad what I thought of sitting in that stupid car seat all day.


But once we got to Palma things started to look up. I got a great pad directly next to the pool, Mummy and Daddy on call 24 hours a day and plenty of good food!!


But unfortunately, the climate did not agree with me at all! Instead of less mucus stuff, there was more in my lungs. And so I ended up feeling pretty shitty when Auntie Hill and Uncle Tim came along with the Dixie Chicks. Seriously.. here I am in a cool pad by the pool with twin chicks doting over me and I can't even enjoy it? (As I am writing this I am wondering: Does the fact that they are turning six years old soon and I am only 5.5 months old make them cougars??)


Anyway, after they left I felt even worse - and we are not talking brokenhearted! It seems I caught some stomach bug on top of my lung problems. And so besides now also needing oxygen during waking hours I was also pu_____ and sh_____ my guts out - well you get the idea.


So Mummy and Daddy decided to cut our stay short and to take me home. We took the ferry at 12:30 noon and arrived in Barcelona at 9:30 pm. Then Daddy drove all the way through the night, and we got home at 2:30 pm on Sunday. Unfortunately, I did not get to stay long - something to do with not enough oxygen to last through the night. So by 7:30 pm I was back in my old haunt: Heidelberg University Children's Clinic.


This time though I decided to try a different ward. I've been on the newborn ward plenty of times, and with me turning six months old tomorrow I am definitely not newborn anymore. So I am on the children's ward K1. I am sharing a room with three other kids - only thing that sucks: I am the youngest here. But on the other hand that gives me plenty of pull with all the nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors (they are nearly all girls after all)!!


They are now trying to find out why I keep having pneumonia. The good news: I don't have cystic fiber - or whatever it is called. In any case, it already sounds disgusting, and I am sure I don't want it!


The doctors suspect that I have something called Reflux and that milk gets into my lungs, causing the mucus there. So I am taking some tablets now to calm down the acid in my stomach. 


Will let you know how if that helps. 


Anyway - got to go - Daddy just arrived with ice cream ;-)


Lots of love

Pablo Rafael




Oz copy?


Tomorrow is a big day.


Well, for my doctors at least. I will be asleep, while they get to play around with tiny little telescopes to look inside of me. They call it an "Oz copy" - although I don't understand what looking into my lungs and my stomach has to do with Australia or with copying! But I've already figured out that the doctors can't speak proper German (and you can completely forget about English!) In fact, the older they are and the more titles they have, the worse it seems to get. 


Oh - Mummy just said it is spelled "oscopy".  And I am having two: A "Bronchoscopy" and a "Gastroscopy" (I had Mummy type the words - I am worried about her - she is starting to sound like my doctors!!!)


Anyway - whatever the copy things are called - no biggie. The only thing I am worried about is that there might be a disruption in my food supply! It seems for the doctors to be able to do their stuff, there can't be any food inside of me. Makes sense of course - it would be pretty tough to see anything through a few glasses of milk or Griesbrei (it's like Polenta only better tasting) or even pumpkin puree (my all time favorite).


Still - this potential disruption bothers me. And why do I have to wait for two hours afterward to get food again? I will make sure that they know what I think about that!


I will let you know how everything turned out, if I got my food and what the doctors saw inside of me...


Got to snooze now - had a big day with Daddy!

Lots of love

Pablo Rafel



Top 10 things


I like about being in the hospital


1. Meeting other kids
Although, come to think of it, except for Liv they were all pretty big whingers!!! 

But Liv was cool - she could already turn on her belly on her own - although only when she was naked. But I am not far behind! Give me a few more days, and I can do it (with my clothes on!!!)


2. "Sneakers" doctor

Sneakers doctor and I go way back! In fact, I have known her all my life. She already looked after me when I was on the other ward in October of last year.


I call her Sneaker's doctor because she would always wear Sneakers. But lately, she started wearing other shoes and so I had to learn her name - Doctor Kapp. 


I also like the other young doctors. Mainly the girls though, they are much better with the needles! 


3.  Johanna, my Physiotherapist

She stops by every day, and I get to hang out on her lap for at least 30 minutes (although it's not as soft and comfy as Mummy's lap!!!). She always makes funny faces and tells me stories about her little brother, who seems to be a pretty cool guy! He's got something called Down Syndrome, but sounds pretty happy to me!


4. The nurses

Well, not all of them, but: Anja, Marion, Julia and Melanie. They are the younger ones, and they all love me. Naturally.

They read every wish of my eyes. I wonder if we can take some of them with us when we go home.


5. Pushbutton control.

I have these buttons all over my room, and the moment I push one of them, somebody comes running to find out what I want. Cool, huh? 


The only problem is that I can't reach the buttons on my own. At least not yet. I always need Mummy to press the buttons for me. So I am working on a backup system: Screaming! 


I figure, if I just scream loud enough, somebody will come. It doesn't quite work yet. Mummy keeps laughing at me, asking what all the fuzz all about. 


6. No delay in the food supply

There is always somebody (Mummy, a nurse - I just say "Pushbutton control"!) just waiting to feed me the moment I am hungry. No long waits like at home where Mummy or Daddy first need to prepare the food. And when I am sick - really sick - I even don't have to eat the stupid vegetables, but get my new favorite: "Baby cookie porridge" - yum!!! 


7. Mummy's undivided attention all day long

Sometimes also all night long. That's if I can convince her that she needs to stay! But typically that involves me getting really sick, and that leads me to the Top 10 Things I hate most about being in the hospital!!!


In fact, I can't think of any more things I like about being here.


Lots of love

Pablo Rafael





Well, Mummy already told some of you that I stopped by the cardiologist yesterday. 


It was actually one of the more fun activities I get to do here. In fact, I think I'll add visits to the cardiologist to the Top 10 things I like!


To begin with: No needles, no prodding, no probing, no sticking spatulas in my mouth!


Instead, the doc kept running this smooth spoon thing over my chest after covering it in clear jelly. It was tickling deliciously! I never had so much fun in an examination before!


And: He had a really cool toy! Big screen monitor and a keyboard with at least a 1000 buttons. If that's what you get to play with all day long as a cardiologist, I want to be one when I grow up.


Although, come to think of it: The monitor is a bit outdated. Haven't they heard about flat screens? And where was the color? Just some blue and red on some of the pics and otherwise just black and white. Pah - how boring!


Of course, I was supervising the complete examination making sure the guy did not make a mistake - or pull out a needle halfway through!! Can't trust these doctors!


But he did a good job, and the result was as expected: My heart is perfectly fine - no worries there.


Speak to you later - lots of love,

Pablo Rafael





Submarine & Mohawks


Yesterday I was in a submarine!


The docs put me into it so that they could see inside of me. Bit weird really. You'd think if they wanted to see inside of me, they would put the submarine into me and not the other way round. But Mummy says they only do that in (old) movies (putting submarines inside of people that is), and anyway, I have given up trying to understand the docs! As long as they leave me alone with their needles...


Unfortunately, they didn't!


Since it is very tight in submarines you are not allowed to eat for 6-8 hours before you go inside. Instead the nurses are giving you special submariner food as "In-Fusion." You'd think they just hook me up, while I am sleeping. Instead, they woke me up at 2 am and took me to the torture chamber (it's where the docs wait with the needles!!!).


First I thought it was going to be different this time:


Instead of a needle one of the nurses came with a razor. I thought: "Cool, I am going to get a navy haircut, like all fresh recruits", then I remembered that Mummy and Daddy like my hair so much and always want it to grow. So I tried to negotiate with the nurses: Maybe they could cut me a Mohawk - leaving some hair on top for a cool rockstar look like Daddy used to have. But no! They did neither. They only shaved a small patch on my head and before I could say "what the  ____," a doc was there with a needle poking it into my head.


She actually did well and hit a vein on the first try - most docs don't manage that. Unfortunately something went wrong when they hooked up the submariner food.  So she had to poke me again - this time in the arm. And since the needle now is on the opposite side of my elbow the nurses had to put some padding around it, so I can't bend it.


So now I had a stupid patch on my head and a stiff arm! But I made sure they knew how I felt about it!!!


In the morning Mummy came early to watch me go in the submarine. She helped me put on my special submariners uniform (no metal buttons allowed in the sub - probably would make it to heavy). Then one of the nurses came with a spoon.  I thought they had changed their mind and would finally give me something to eat, but whatever she gave me did not taste good at all and I was happy that there was not too much of it.


Then we all went down to the port. It'a not a port with water like you might think. More a port like in Star Wars! (After all, Heidelberg is a modern clinic and their submarines are state of the art!) The port looked cool: a big white room, dark except for blue lights all around the edge of the ceiling and in the middle glistening in pristine white  (like an Apple product) my submarine.


Then...     ...I fell asleep! I faintly remember some loud banging noises and the next thing I know I am waking up back in my bed.


What a letdown!


Needles, bad haircut, a stiff arm and to top it off: no food except for some horrible tasting fluid - and the reward: I don't remember a thing. I tell you, if that's what life is like as a submariner, I am not joining the Navy!


Still, my submarine trip seems to have been a full success. The docs came and told Mummy and Daddy that all my stuff (veins and such) are where they are supposed to be. One of their theories had been, that maybe one of them has decided to grow a different way and was getting in the way of my lungs, pressing down on them from the outside and hence causing my problems. And while there were no signs of it in the Oz copy and also yet another visit to the cardiologist just showed that my heart and all my veins are A-OK, the docs wanted to be 100% sure and so I got to go in the submarine. 


All of this has made drained me and I need to get some sleep. Who knows what the docs come up with next...


Lots of love

Pablo Rafael


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